Membership & SailPass

Learn to Sail / Kayak

Our club believes that nothing is better than hands on experience!

New sailors start by crewing a boat with an experienced member and gradually they'll learn the ropes to become hardened skippers.

All our members are more than happy to share their knowledge and experience leaving no one behind.

The Lake offers a safe environment to gain skills and our excursions to fellow clubs offer a great opportunity to experience inter-club racing.

Discover Sailing

Every year (~End October), the Lakeside Sailing Club - Pakenham organises a dedicated Discover Sailing Day. During this day, everyone is welcome to join us for free at the Lake for sailing and kayaking. We will provide the boats, kayaks, safety gear and a lot of fun!


  • 29th October 2023

Find out more on our Discover Sailing Page...

Our Club encourages female participation.


As a member of our club, you will learn to sail (or kayak) and become part of a close group of friends. Club membership offers you:

  • Access to our fleet of sailing dinghies and kayaks

  • Access to our safety gear

  • Insurance cover via Australian Sailing

  • The opportunity to join all our Sailing and Non-sailing events

  • An Australian Sailing number.

Our club offers the following membership options:

  • Once off:

    • Nomination /Admin fee - $20 (upon first registration)

  • Yearly*:

    • Junior (Student, between 6 and 21) - $ 75**

    • Adult (Non student, 18+) - $ 145

    • Family (2 Adults + 2 Juniors / 1 Adult + 3 Juniors) - $ 310

      • Per extra Junior - $ 25

    • Social (Non-sailing) - $ 50

*Members starting after 1st February are only charged half price for the sailing season. **Juniors under 12 require adult supervision & membership.

Prices valid for 2022-2023 season

Feel free to Contact Us if you have any queries!


A SailPass*** offers you the opportunity to trial out sailing or kayaking without becoming a member. The SailPass, allows you to experience a full day on and off the water as if you were a full member.

Please, download the Registration Form, print, complete and bring it along any day you which to come. This will ensure you are covered from an insurance perspective.

Did you know that a SailPass can be purchased as gifts as well?

Our club offers the following options:

  • Junior (Student, between 6 and 21) - $ 5

  • Adult (Non student, 18+) - $ 10

  • Family (2 Adults + 2 Juniors / 1 Adult + 3 Juniors) - $ 20

    • Per extra Junior - $ 3

Upon taking a membership, the ytd cost of your SailPasses can be deducted.

***Max. 3 Sailing Passes can be used per season.

Prices valid for 2022-2023 season

Feel free to Contact Us if you have any queries or want to order a SailPass.


Since last year, the Lakeside Sailing Club - Pakenham introduced the Annual Commodore's Cup. This series is organised at the Lake in Pakenham and allows our members to compete against each other, using similar classed Dinghies.

On top of the Commodore's Cup , our club often joins inter-club events. Here we can show and fine tune our racing skills in more challenging environments. Typically these events are packed with competitive spirit, action and fun!

  • The annual Corsair Cup at Rhyll (Philip Island)

  • The Westerport Series is another great series that we attend, launching from Belnarring.

  • During winter, you can find us participating in the Lysterfield Winter Series.s.

Our Hall of Fame:


  • Commodore's Cup 17/18: 1st place Corsair 261 - Inspector Gadget, skippered by Dave Vdv

  • 2018 Corsair Cup: 1st place Spinnaker Division Corsair x - Crewed by Max W

  • 2018 Corsair Cup: 2nd place Spinnaker Division Corsair 080 - Fury, skippered by Steve H & crewed by Stewart B





Think you have it in you? Contact us here to join the action!

Commodore's Cup winner '22, Dave Vdv

Commodore's Cup winner '21, Steve H