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Lakeside Sailing Club - Pakenham - COVID Safe Plan (10 February 2022)

We must all do our part to prevent the spread of COVID-19, in turn allowing us to participate in the activities that we are lucky enough to enjoy. It has been prepared in accordance with current Victorian Government restrictions and guidelines, the Cardinia Shire Cardinia COVID-19 Facilities Usage Guidelines and Australian Sailing’s approved Return to Sailing in a COVID Safe Environment document, with consideration to Sport Australia’s Return to Sport Toolkit.

COVID Safe Plan Details:

  • Lakeside Sailing Club - Pakenham (Inc. No. A0055282P) - [the Club]

  • ABN 65 136 952 708

  • Commodore - Max Wilton | Secretary - Dave V d v

  • Mobile: +61 416 149 599

  • Email:

  • Sailing Location: 48 Cormorant Parade, 3810 Pakenham, VIC

  • Plan date: 10 February 2022

How COVID-19 is transmitted:

  • Commonly COVID-19 spreads through close contact with an infected person and is typically transmitted via respiratory droplets (produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes).

  • It can survive on surfaces, depending on the type of surface and the ambient temperature. Less likely than droplet transmission but possible, someone may acquire the infection if they touch a contaminated object or surface, then touch their mouth, nose or eyes.

Attending the Club:

Health considerations:

Members, volunteers, visitors and participants should stay home and not attend if:

  • you are not fully vaccinated against COVID-19 (12years and 2 months+, you have received both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, or you have a valid medical exemption to COVID-19 vaccination issued by an authorised medical practitioner); flu vaccinations are encouraged.

  • you are feeling unwell with possible coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms including: Fever; Chills or sweats; Cough; Sore throat; Shortness of breath; Runny nose; Loss or change in sense of smell or taste.

  • you are feeling unwell, even if you have tested negative for coronavirus (COVID19) – any spread of sickness puts our members at risk and inconveniences them if they must stay home and get tested.

  • you have been diagnosed with coronavirus (COVID-19) and have not yet been cleared by health officials to stop isolating.

  • you have been in contact with a coronavirus (COVID-19) case.

  • you have been directed to isolate.

  • you have returned from overseas in the last 14 days.

  • you do not feel comfortable to attend, including being in an at-risk category.

Travel & Boatyard:

  • Avoid travelling to and from the Club in the same vehicle as others who don’t live in the same household, where possible. Where that can’t be avoided: Wear a mask or face covering and ensure that the vehicle air-conditioning should be set to fresh air or have windows down.

  • The boat yard is pick up and return only.

  • Bear in mind and implement all the same rules that apply as per our sailing location at Lakeside Pakenham.

Visiting and participating with the Club (at Lakeside Pakenham or any other locations where we operate as a Club):


  • Every sailing session, dedicated COVID check-in marshal(s) will be appointed.

  • The marshal(s) will ensure:

    • the display of all required signage and sanitation material at a dedicated check-in station.

    • adherence to all current restrictions and the safe operation of the club.

    • that everyone is checked-in, has been double vaccinated and is registered in a tracing/attendance register.

    • maintenance of the vaccination and tracing/attendance register and hand over to the Club secretary ASAP.

    • inform every visitor of current instructions.

    • that sanitation and cleaning activities occur and material is available (Face masks, sanitisers and cleaning material).

    • take the necessary actions where required (e.g. contact the Department of Health on 1800 675 398 and WorkSafe Victoria on 13 23 60 and every visitor as per registration asap) where needed (e.g. suspected or confirmed case or contact).

All members, volunteers, visitors and participants must:

    • Not partake if they form any risk for others (e.g. if they are unwell, have been in close contact with or have COVID-19).

    • Be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 (12years and 2 months+, you have received both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, or you have a valid medical exemption to COVID-19 vaccination issued by an authorised medical practitioner); flu vaccinations are encouraged.

    • Check-in upon visiting our club (via club QR & Services VIC Contact Tracing check in app ).

    • Register with the COVID check-in marshal and show proof of vaccinations (for vaccination register).

    • Leave Name, phone number and date and time of visit details (for tracing/attendance register).

    • Carry a face mask at all times & wear it when within 1.5m of someone else.

    • Adhere to public guidelines, club and COVID check-in Marshal instructions. (e.g. face masks, distance, capacity limits, etc.).

    • Notify the club ASAP if any risk of COVID-19 transmission (e.g. if you or someone in close contact, feels unwell, shows symptoms of COVID-19 or have have been in, or have had, suspected close contact).

Please note: our club is not seen as community sport but as an organised recreational activity in club format- Community sport refers to competitions and training for the purpose of competition overseen by a state sporting association or equivalent governing body and thus vaccination exceptions do not apply.

Record keeping requirements:

  • The COVID Tracing/Attendance register will only be accessed for contact tracing purposes if a visitor or member or someone in direct contact with them is found to be COVID positive.

  • The COVID Vaccination register will only be accesses by club officials and shall be destroyed at the end of the season.

  • The data collected by Services Victoria register cannot be accessed by the Club and understand that it will be kept securely for 28 days and then automatically deleted.

Physical distancing & density limits:

  • Max 50 people onsite at the same time.

  • Max 3 families per boat (up to 4 people per boat).

  • Aim to have 1.5m distance at all times (e.g. when rigging and during breaks).

  • Chairs must be placed 1.5m apart ideally not facing each other.

  • Max 4 people under the tent at the same time.

Face masks:

  • Face masks must be worn as per current guidelines.

  • Face masks must be carried at all times & worn when within 1.5m of someone else.

  • It is requested to wear them as much as possible during the Club activities.

Hygiene and cleaning:

  • Face masks, sanitisers and cleaning material must be available onsite - COVID Marshal(s) responsibility.

  • Aim to utilise the same equipment (e.g. life vests or boats) during the day.

  • Sanitise hands when coming back on land and before going on a boat.

  • Rubbish must go in the council provided bin next tot he lake.

  • The refreshments table and chairs shall be sanitized every hour by the COVID check-in Marshal(s).

  • Sanitise and clean equipment after usage and update sanitation log.

    • Cleaning means physically removing germs, dirt and organic matter from surfaces. Cleaning alone does not kill germs, but by reducing the numbers of germs on surfaces, cleaning helps to reduce the risk of spreading infection. A suitable cleaner is washing up detergent or car wash liquid diluted in water.

    • Disinfection means using chemicals to kill germs on surfaces to reduce the spread of infection. It’s important to clean before disinfecting because dirt and grime can reduce the ability of disinfectants to kill germs. The following disinfectants are suitable for use on hard surfaces (that is, surfaces where any liquid pools if spilt and does not soak in):

      • alcohol (e.g. methylated spirit in a concentration of at least 70%),

      • chlorine bleach in a concentration of 1000 parts per million,

      • oxygen bleach, or

      • wipes and sprays that contain quaternary ammonium compounds.

      • These chemicals will be labelled as ‘disinfectant’ on the packaging and must be diluted or used following the instructions on the packaging to be effective.

  • How to clean and disinfect

        1. Recommend wearing gloves when cleaning and disinfecting. Use of eye protection, masks and gowns is not required when undertaking routine cleaning. Disposable gloves will be provided and should be discarded after each clean.

        2. Clean hands immediately after removing gloves.

        3. Thoroughly clean surfaces using detergent and water.

        4. Apply disinfectant to surfaces using the provided spray bottle, disposable paper towel or cloth.

        5. Ensure surfaces remain wet for the period of time required to kill the virus (contact time) as specified by the manufacturer. If no time is specified, leave for 10 minutes. A one-step detergent/disinfectant product may be used as long as the manufacturer’s instructions are followed regarding dilution, use and contact times for disinfection (that is, how long the product must remain on the surface to ensure disinfection takes place).

  • What to clean and disinfect, and when

        1. Routine cleaning and disinfection during normal Club operations with 24-hour access by members, personal hygiene regime and member spot cleaning should be carried out, include cleaning and disinfecting all frequently touched surfaces.

        2. After normal Club organised activities, the Commodore/Marshal coordinate the washdown of Club sailing equipment that has been used during the day and disinfect frequently touched surfaces at the end of the day.

        3. All frequently touched surfaces should be cleaned and disinfected at a minimum of twice daily during Club organised events, at the start and end of the day, in addition to in between any different groups. This includes between use of equipment being by more than one person. Examples include: tabletops or chairs.

Steps to take if a visitor, participant or club member is suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19

The active COVID check-in Marshal will coordinate activities for the Club:

  1. Isolate:

    1. Remove the person from others. SafeWork Australia recommends giving the person a surgical mask, if possible. Quarantine in the Training room if required to hold at the Club.

    2. Inform everyone onsite, who will start sanitising and await further instructions.

  2. Inform:

    1. Contact the State health authorities (by calling the Victorian COVID-19 hotline on 1800 675 398) and follow the advice of health officials where needed (suspected or confirmed case or contact). Depending on the situation, authorities may give specific advice.

    2. Notify the Club its Commodore – Max Wilton.

    3. The Club will contact everyone who attended ASAP.

    4. Should an independent contractor, employee of the independent contractor, or self-employed person receive a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis and have attended the Club premises during the infectious period, then WorkSafe Victoria must be immediately notified on 13 23 60.

  3. Transport:

    1. Ensure the person has transport, either to their home where they can isolate or to a medical facility. This must be in a private vehicle to minimize exposure to others. They should NOT use public transport.

    2. Oversee safe transport for everyone onsite.

  4. Clean: Close off the known affected areas and do not let others use or enter them until they have been cleaned and disinfected. All common areas and equipment or PPE that were used by the person concerned must then be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

  5. Identify: Find out who at the Club had close contact with the infected person (including up to 48 hours before they first started experiencing symptoms). This information can be found through the Club Tracing/Attendance register. Close contact means anyone who has been faceto-face for at least 15 minutes with the infected person or has been in the same space as them for two hours. Those members/participants should be sent home to self-isolate and get tested. If the infected member/ participant had contact with large parts of the Club, all members/ participants may have to self-isolate for 14 days. All affected Club members must get a COVID test and remain in isolation until they have the results- regardless of whether they are displaying any symptoms.

  6. Review: The commodore and Club committee will review COVID-19 risk management controls, in consultation with all Marshals, and assess and decide whether any changes or additional control measures are required.

Cardinia COVID-19 Facilities Usage
“The Lakeside Sailing club - Pakenham agrees to follow and adhere to all information and guidelines provided in the Cardinia COVID-19 facilities reopening information pack. Our club, committee, coaches, players and members will follow all State Government, DHHS and State Sporting Associations requirements and regulations at all times during our season and will regularly check restrictions and update our COVIDsafe plans accordingly.”